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EVVA DPS (Double Profile System)

Time-tested security has a name: DPS


The chances of falling victim to a burglarly yourself are, unfortunately, constantly increasing. From this point on, however, you are very well protected against break-ins.


Your high quality DPS security cylinder meets today´s security requirements.

DPS is tested to the highest standards and is one of the most popular security cylinders on the market.


You will enjoy a high level of security thanks to :


• Drilling protection (using hardened metal elements)
• Scanning protection (against unauthorised opening using unlocking tools)
• Enhanced double profile and time-tested key technology


Key Copying Protection

The DPS system is patented. Key copies are only made with the authority of the owner of the system, after a password has been given and an answer to a secret question has been given.


DPS Benefits for You

BSZ option – if a door is closed with a key left in the lock on the inside, the door can be opened from outside with another authorised key. This system is available as key to differ, key alike suites and master key systems.





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